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My science teacher Mrs. Huysman gave us a project to do . It was about an animal and plant cell. We started about 3 weeks ago. Our class is still working on it now  in Mr. McGuire’s language arts class. We are learning about different cell parts that work different in the human, animal and plant cells.     



                              Types of cells    

 There lots of cells but, I’m going to be talking about an animal cell.

* Plant cells

* Animal cells

 * Muscle cells

* Nerve cells

*Epithelial (skin) cells

*Adiporcyte (fat) cells

*Red blood cell and white blood cell

*Ganete (sex) cells ect. 



Science that describes how organisms FUNCTION and survive in continually changing environments.  We need these cells to make our bodies work properly.If we didn’t have them we would not be here. Our bodies are made up of cells from millions to trillions. Now just think about that for a minute. 


Cells can live more than a 100 years. The types of cell depend on what the life span is. A muscle cell can live up to 15 years . Some cells live from 2 to 3 days and others 10 days it just depends on what kind of cell it is!


Often cells reproduce from breaking apart, which is called, homeostasis and forming new cells. Mitosis is asexual cell division. DNA duplicates its self when it dies.


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  1. Great job and ideas on your eatable cell project!

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