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This is my social studies project that Mrs. Webb gave us to do. My place is BIG ROCK RIDING STABLES in PIGEON FORGE TENNESSEE, 2012. The latitude or longitude is 85 degrees north and 83 degrees west. My hemisphere is northern hemisphere north-east of the equator.


* Tennessee has 4 to 8 months’ of growing crops.

*Annual rainfall for Tennessee  is over 2,000 millimeters and over 80 inches.

* Tennessee is the birthplace of country music.

* Tennessee was inhabited by native american Cherokee people long before European  settlers  arrived.

This is my story of the time I went to Tennessee

We left Friday, May, 25  to go get our new mower because my dad wanted to.  It took 7 hours too get there. I went with my mom and dad on a mini vacation. When we went to BIG ROCK RIDING STABLES we saw an orange lizard and a snapping turtle that was yellow and green it was so cute like all the other things we saw. I thought I was going to get bit by the turtle. When the turtle fell down the hill.

When we were riding on the trails my moms horse freaked out because of a black  snake. I thought she was going to fall off the horse. The trainer stopped and yeld at the horse then it stopped. It scared me. My heart was beating really fast i though I had a heart attack!!!!

The funniest thing was my horse started to run up a trail really fast and i was terrified. I thought I was going to fall down the mountian but I didn’t. I had never rode a horse before so I was really scared when that happened. My mom was laughing at me I was mad at her. When we were on the trails’ we would stay to the cliff side. IT WAS SCARY I DID NOT LOOK DOWN ONE TIME BECAUSE I’M SCARED OF HIGHS.

The day we left was Monday the 28th of May it was beautiful driving home through the mountains the trees were over us I want to see that again.  . We had alot of fun and hope to do it again soon!

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